Promise me the Moon and the Stars….

A Bushel of Love
 Lovespell (because it's always romatical)

Amorous Stars
 Night-blooming Jasmine and Violets with a shine of soft Strawberry Musk

Champagne Stars and Roses
 Nose to your Toes tickling Strawberry Bubbly with Rose petal kisses

Chocolate Fatale Constellations
 Filthy-rich Dark Chocolate amber and a Raspberry Cream center with no shame or blame

Lipstick on a Pig
 Sexy top notes of White Carnation and Blood Orange, Black Rose, Smoky Woods with a smear of Dark Patchouli and dry down of Egyptian Amber Musk

Mulberry Cotton Candy
 Tart Black Mulberries Sugared up with fresh-spun Cotton Candy - Berry Tart...Berry Sweet....Berry Bold!

The Devil Wears Nada
 Birthday suit Bergamot, Seville Orange, Mimosa &Mandarin Orange with  Rose Absolute, Carnation, Indonesian Patchouli, Patchouli Absolute, Pink Pepper, Vanilla Sandalwood and Tonka Bean

Toasty Tea Cakes
  Fresh baked Tea Cakes, rich yellow Cake with Almond and Orange Zest with Toasted Marshmallow Fluff Frosting

A-D Scents

Atomic Fruit Kabobs
 Atomic Ton of Tropical Fruits

Bedazzle my Bloomers!
 Fresh-picked Jasmine with a sparkle of sweet watermelon (no seeds)
Bluebell Estelle-Sweet Wild Bluebells with dew drops of fresh florals, melon and soft white musk

Blue Peppermint Moon
 Blue Sugar and Creamy Peppermint with a shadow of mystery

Cherry Big Gulp
 Walk on the Wild Side cherry with a mental brain freeze!Country Charmalade - Orange Cranberry Marmalade made with love ; Season pleaser all Year

Country Road Apples
 Delicious Ripe Reds and Sour Greens

County Fair Ayre
 Cotton Candy at it sugary pink best

Cowlick Cream Puffs
 Whipped Creams with Sugared Vanilla

 The first signs of Summer, cheerful chirps of Sweet grapefruit, delicate honeysuckle, crisp greenery and soft musk.  A real Summer Yummer!

Curled up with the Cat…binging Netflix
 Delicious live-stream of Warm and Spicy Clove & Ylang ylang, pouring down a mountain of caramel and creamy chocolate layers

Don't Skinny Dip in the Snappin' Turtle Pond
 Dark sweet cherry, violet femms, pink raspberries sprinkled with brown sugar, cotton candy and a Tonka bean musk - run for shore splash on more!

E-K Scents

Ex's Make Good Mulch
 A warm and transforming scent of Autumn walks, falling leaves, crisp air and a little Larry….

F-5 Funnel Cake
 A fragrant Funnel of cakes, Powdered Sugars, Vanilla Bean and Whipped Cream Winds

Garden of Weedin'
 A Floral Muse of lush topiary, dewy fresh petals, lily/rose/jasmine/violet heart and a sandalwood musk soul

Gussied Up! Hussy
 Creamy pink roses dolled up and dressed to the nines with Honey Patchouli, Vanilla Sandals and a festival of formal fruits

Heart Line to Cloud 9
 Almond flower, white iris and whipped vanilla - a Silver Lining of Persimmon, Winter Water Lily and Fluffy Sandalwood

Hippie Hussy
 Flower in her hair, Lavender & Violets on a Band of Patchouli & Sandalwood, Amber, Ylang and Tonka Bean

Hoity-Toity Hussy
 A little snooty, this uppity Hussy wears her scent like a Golden Crown of Rich Patchouli and Vetiver with sparkling citrus gemstones

Hot Apple Pie - It's Hot…it's Apple…it's Pie
 Cinnamony - Appley - Crusty - Comfort Food Fragrance

L-R Scents

Lavender Moon Pie
 Herbal Lavender with a marshmallow pillow

Less is More…Unless it's Love
 A truly feminine blend of citrus and floral with a heaping helping of  Lavender Patchouli and Vanilla Sandalwood Musk

Listen to What I Say!
 Buttercream Pie with Almond pastry crush, hazelnut sprinkles and a French Vanilla Pudding Filling

Marshmallow Wallow
 Marshmallow….marshmallow and MORE MARSHMALLOW

Mermaid Lemonade - Top Sniff all Year!
This scent is Candescent Summer - whether you're in it or miss it!
Warm ocean breezes with sweet swells of ylang ylang and tropical guava, fresh peaches and a spritz of Lemon Blush Lemonade for a tart start for your Summer Hussy heart!

Milk Maid
 Sweet Toffee with Sugar Milk, Vanilla pods and Sandalwood

Never Promised You a Rose Garden
 Crème' de Armand mended and blended with Soft Pink Rose Petals and a Maraschino Cherry on top

(Out) Like a Lamb
 This gentle lamb of a Spring scent brings together Sweet Cherries and crushed Almonds and bathe them in rich toasted coconut and a Vanilla Bean dream

Pig Out! Peppermint Cake
 Cake Batter, Sugared Peppermint, Buttercream Frosting, More Cake Batter and Marshmallow Fluff

Pink Sunflowers
 Sparkling Pink floral bouquet of Night Blooming Jasmine, Creamy Rose and White Gardenia tied up with a French Lavender Bow

Pink Water Fairies
 Delicate flutter of Bergamot, Raspberry and figs, Carmale' and Vanilla Musk.  Similar to Pink Sugar but much more amazing, this scent does not disappoint.
 A soft, fresh, beautiful scent similar to fine milled soaps of France. Infused with notes of Provencal lemon, cotton blossom, rose geranium, sweet lime and soft violet musk.

Rockabilly Hussy
 Soft Warm Amber and Delicate White Rose…..don't forget about her thorns

Rose Colored Glasses
 Turkish Roses with Geranium and Lemon

S-Z Scents

Serendipitous Priss
 Fruity floral Ginger musk

Sissy's Kettlecorn - Always a Top Smeller all year

Snuggle Bug
 Vanilla, orange and bergamot with a hint of Mint - a love hug for your senses

 A cheek sucker pucker sour smells just like Sour Patch candies!

Starlight - Starbright
 After dusk musk with a sundown drydown of sweet vanilla, eucalyptus, lavender and lilac moonshadows
Strawberry Shortcake
 Smells just like our Strawberry Shortcake Dolls……ohhhhhhmmmmmmm

Sugar Violet Riot
 Cambrian Bergamot and Violets with Candied Cherries for an AMAZINGLY AWESOME SCENT Ruckus

 Astringent, fresh and green Spa-like scent, with a sweet floral heart of geranium and rosemary.  A truly unique fragrance.

Total Bettie
 Bold, no-sh*t Citrus blend with a tight-fitting Cashmere sweater and a Warm Sandalwood feather boa

Twilight's Mystique
 Lemon Verbena and Bitter Orange Blossom Neroli - Jasmine, Lavender, Lilac Aura of Mystery

Venomous Rose
 Thorns of a Gypsy Rose, Black Cashmere and a bite of Vetiver creates a lethal perennial
Villainess Transgressions
 We all transgress when scorned, beware the Hussy's Wrath, with secret spells of Tonka Bean Absolute and Dark Vanilla Bourbon - Smell Hath NO Fury!!

What the Cluck??!!
 Succulent Strawberries, Vanilla and Delicate Violet…Seriously

White Raven's Roost
 White pumpkin & Lilac, with incantations of Poison apple, Bergamot Rose and Neroli

Wildflower Nirvana
 Sunshine and Wildflowers with fickle tickles on your nose of fresh picked Plumeria and Rose with a Soft Pink Jasmine Musk
Winter Grapefruit
 Crisp Winter Grapefruit with watery greens, white musk and Vetiver.  Most Amazing Grapefruit scent EVER

Dupe Scents

Designer Types
 All Good Things
 Amazing Grace
 Amber Blush
 American Cream
 Chocolate Amber
 Creamy Candy
 Crisp Morning Air
 Dead Sexy
 Death and Decay
 Dr. Peppermint
 Floating Island
 Flying Fox
 Honey Bee Sweet
 Keep it Fluffy
 Let the Eat Cake
 Northern Lights
 Passionate Kisses
 Pure Seduction
 Silver Cloud
 Skinny Dip
 Super Nova
 So White
 Soft Couer
 Sweater Weather
 Spring Meadow
 Tropical Element
 Ultra Violet
 Vanilla Rock n Roll
 Violet Sunshine
 Voice of Reason
 Weather Vane
 You Snap the Whip

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